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Top Reasons to Get Your Sports Travel Insurance with Us


We offer competitive prices for active leisure insurance, allowing our clients to obtain full protection at a cheap price.

Professional Approach

Our team consists of professionals with experience in sports travel insurance and are always ready to provide assistance to our clients.

Senior Citizen Insurance

Coverage up to 80 years old.

Flexible Policy Options

Choose from single-trip, multi-trip, or annual policies.

If you are planning an active holiday, contact us and get comprehensive protection. Our insurance company is always ready to provide professional assistance and find the optimal insurance plan for you. To get more detailed information about our insurance company and services, please contact us through the form on our website. We are always ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the most suitable insurance for your active vacation. Our services include sports travel insurance.

Conquer New Heights with Our Adventure Sports Travel Insurance!

sea kayaking in winter between glaciers

Sports are more than a hobby — they're life for many! Whether you're paddling down rivers, conquering mountains, shredding trails on a bike, or exploring the ocean's depths, cover your trip with adventure sports travel insurance for those "oops" moments! While some providers offer separate dangerous sports travel insurance, we've crafted a seamless solution: blending our top-notch health insurance with the best extreme sports travel insurance. You get to pick your favorite sport! Curious? Dive into the details of our offer below.

That's good to know! New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the American coast are hot spots for extreme water sports, which have seen amazing growth in recent years. Extreme winter sports are just as popular, with Switzerland, Canada, and Japan being top destinations for extreme thrill-seekers.

Our Extreme Sport Travel Insurance Offers

4 climbers ascending a snowy mountain

Our extreme activity travel insurance eliminates the hassle of choosing the right low-cost policy for different recreations. It can be tricky since you must cover sports injuries and other common travel issues. Whether heading to tennis courts in Europe, skiing in Canada, exploring wild hiking trails in Singapore, visiting the iconic Stonehenge in the UK, or just chilling on a beach in the USA, you can face specific injuries and everyday problems like food poisoning or high blood pressure.

What Sports Issues Our Extreme Sports Travel Insurance Covers:

a person selects adventure sports travel insurance on a laptop
  1. Thrilling Adventures: Dive into our extreme sports holiday insurance, where we've covered you for adventures that regular policies overlook, from bungee jumping and rock climbing to intense golf tournaments. Explore our range of extreme sport insurance plans — whether you're into Calm, Active, Extreme, or Sports, there's one tailored perfectly for your thrill-seeking passion.
  2. Gear & Fees Refund: Our active travel insurance plans include coverage for your sports gear and fees. So, whether your equipment gets lost, damaged, or delayed, we've got your back. It's super convenient and ensures nothing spoils your adventure!
  3. Tournaments & Competitions: Our travel insurance also covers injuries from sports competitions. Whether competitive, organized, collegiate, or school sports, our extreme sports travel insurance add-ons cover your team.

What Else Our Travel Insurance Extreme Sports Activities Plan Covers:

what else to choose when buying travel insurance for sports
  • Emergency Rescue, Including COVID-19: Stranded and need urgent care? No worries, we’ll send help wherever you are, whether close to home or halfway around the world.
  • Hospital Transport: Got hospitalized far from home? We’ve got you covered. We’ll transport you back to your preferred hospital, even if it’s for COVID-19 treatment.
  • Expert Advice On-Demand: The experienced nurses, paramedics, and military vets can provide top-notch medical and security advice whenever needed.
  • Flight Delay Coverage: Flight delayed? Don’t stress. Our travel insurance covers your accommodation and meal costs while you wait.
  • Legal Support: We’ll cover attorney fees, pay for an interpreter, and even bail you out if you get arrested.
  • Travel Assistance: Lost passport? Language barrier? We’ve got your back. Our travel assistance can help with any unexpected hiccups on your journey.

Important! When choosing your type of travel for extreme sports insurance, remember that the price will vary. If you stick with the Calm category, you’ll see one cost, but as soon as you choose Extreme or Sports, travel insurance for adventure sports will be a bit higher due to the increased risk of injury. Don’t forget to specify the type of physical activity you’ll be doing if you want to ensure you’re fully covered by your life insurance for extreme sports.

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    How to Choose Insurance for Extreme Sports That Suits Your Adventure

    A man on a motorcycle rides a dirt road on the back tire along the coastline

    Wondering which travel insurance with extreme sports cover is best for you? To avoid confusion and ensure you get the right travel coverage, carefully review the activity types on the website form and select the one that matches your activity. Remember, you can also choose between a single trip or annual travel insurance with extreme sports coverage. Plus, we insure travelers of all ages — nothing can hold you back from your adventures!

    Type of travel Travel activities included Typical injuries, covered with your extreme sports travel insurance
    Calm Beach vacations, Spa retreats, cruise trips, countryside stays, meditation retreats, yoga retreats, botanical gardens, swimming, golf. Sunburn, minor cuts, bruises, muscle strains, dehydration, allergic reactions (to plants, insects, etc.).
    Active Hiking, city tours, kayaking, cycling, wildlife safaris, horseback riding, canoeing, cultural tours, zip-lining, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, orienteering, and more. Sprains, strains, blisters, minor fractures, cuts and abrasions, insect bites, dehydration, and altitude sickness.
    Extreme Skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding, white-water rafting, base jumping, cave diving, ice climbing, shark diving, extreme skiing, hang gliding, wingsuit flying, volcano boarding, and more. Severe fractures, dislocations, concussions, spinal injuries, hypothermia, drowning, altitude sickness, lacerations, animal bites and stings.
    Sport This includes "Calm," "Active," and "Extreme." It also encompasses activities practiced individually or in a group at professional and amateur levels, including official competitions, training, and camps. This category includes various potential injuries depending on the specific sport and activity. Typical injuries can include muscle strains, fractures, concussions, dislocations, overuse injuries, and more.

    Why Adventure Sports Travel Insurance is a Must

    An active pastime may promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also comes with risks of injury. Unfortunately, there are no completely safe physical activities. So, how do athletes and adventurous travelers protect themselves abroad? The answer is simple: purchase travel insurance including extreme sports. While travel insurance won't prevent a sprain or fracture, it can save you from financial worries in an accident.

    Buying travel insurance that covers extreme sports is accessible. Visit our website, compare prices, read reviews, and choose your best plan. Happy with what you see? Get a quote, sign up, and pay online — all in just a few minutes! It's convenient and super cheap!

    We are online 24/7, if you have any questions email us and we will get back to you
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    What Our Expert Says

    extreme sports travel insurance expert
    Among those with round-the-clock travel insurance coverage who suffered injuries, 48% were injured during training, 36% got injured in everyday situations (like walks or at hotels), and 16% were wounded during competitions. That's why we recommend adults and children buy round-the-clock personal accident insurance for extreme sports. Get our travel insurance extreme sports coverage that combines protection during competitions, sports events, training sessions, and everyday life.


    Does travel insurance protect against sports injuries?

    Typically, regular travel insurance policies don't cover injuries from risky activities, leaving you vulnerable if you get hurt. The "Calm" category only covers specific activities listed under that category. You can find the list of activities covered by hazardous sports travel insurance on our website or in the table above.

    Should I get extra coverage for extreme winter sports?

    If you're hitting the slopes for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, or tobogganing, consider our sports travel insurance or add extra protection with our travel insurance covering extreme sports. Look for the "Winter Sports" category in the cheap online form.

    Does your travel insurance for extreme sports include third-party liability?

    Absolutely! Our best travel insurance for extreme sports includes coverage for third-party liability, also known as personal liability. For more details, contact our travel insurance assistant.

    What if someone participates in multiple sports instead of just one?

    For athletes who participate and compete in multiple sports, we offer the option to include all the sports they do in their insurance policy. We have different travel insurance categories like Calm, Active, Extreme, and Sport, each covering a variety of extreme sports — you'll likely find yours listed. If your activities span multiple categories, choose the more extreme one, as each subsequent category includes all the previous and additional activities.

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