Base Jumping Travel Insurance

Base jumping travel insurance provides maximum insurance coverage. Base jumping is an extreme form of active holiday that allows you to experience the thrill and beauty of the surrounding world from a bird’s-eye view. Despite all its advantages, it is dangerous and carries the risk of injury. Therefore, before embarking on a tourist or business trip, it is necessary to purchase insurance.

Base Jumping: Types of Jumps

photo of 3 basejumpers jumping from a great height one after another in the background of a big city

Base jumping involves jumps from a height using a special parachute. There are several types:

  1. Building: A person jumps from the roof of a building, which can reach several hundred meters in height.
  2. Antenna: Involves jumping from a high antenna or communication tower. Such structures have great height, allowing the athlete to fly freely in the air for a long time.
  3. Span: Jumping from a bridge or other types of structures with spans allows you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and experience an adrenaline rush.
  4. Earth: The simplest form, as the jumper lands on a designated platform by jumping from a cliff or high climbing wall.

If you combine the first letters of each type, we get BASE. So BASE jumping is from four types of places: buildings, antennas, bridge spans, and the earth.

You can engage in base jumping at various locations around the world. Let’s consider some of them:

Jump Type Location Tourist Rating Price Additional Information
Building Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4.5 $200 Here you can jump from the height of the Kuala Lumpur Communication Tower, one of the tallest in the world. Prior permission is mandatory.
Building Chicago, USA 4.2 $250 In Chicago, there is an opportunity to jump from famous skyscrapers such as the Willis Tower and the John Hancock Center. Special permission and access are required.
Antenna Macau, China 4.7 $300 Macau is home to the Macau Tower, a tall antenna from where you can make an exciting jump. Experienced instructors and equipment are provided.
Antenna Queenstown, New Zealand 4.9 $350 Queenstown offers high antennas, providing stunning views of the mountains and lakes. Professional instructors are at your disposal.
Span Sharjah, UAE 4.3 $400 Sharjah offers numerous bridges, including the Al-Mallah Bridge and the Al-Khan Bridge. A great choice for adrenaline enthusiasts.
Span Andorra la Vella, Andorra 4.6 $380 In Andorra, you can jump from the high La Massana Bridge and enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and surrounding nature.
Earth Interlaken, Switzerland 4.8 $300 Interlaken is known for its high cliffs. Instructors and equipment are provided.
Earth Cape Town, South Africa 4.4 $280 Cape Town offers high cliffs surrounded by stunning nature and ocean views. Safety and preparation are essential here.
Important! Base jumping is a very dangerous sport that requires courage, confidence in one’s abilities, and good physical fitness. Regardless of the type of jump you choose, it is important to ensure your safety during your vacation and obtain base jumping travel insurance.

Insurance Features

2 basejumpers jumping from a very high antenna downward

Insurance coverage is the best choice for those planning to engage in jumping during their travels. The company offers affordable insurance for both single trips and annual multi-trip coverage.

The cheapest option is single-trip insurance. Despite its low price, it provides complete medical coverage for the athlete, including life and health insurance, during their stay in the country. If the tourist frequently visits different locations for extreme sports abroad, it is better to choose annual travel insurance. It provides insurance coverage for all trips made within a year.

The insurance company offers various types of coverage at a low cost. To choose the right option, you can refer to the reviews of other tourists and study the specifics of insurance. Convenient online insurance application simplifies the purchasing process.


How much does base jumping insurance cost?

The cost of base jumping travel insurance depends on the type and duration of coverage. To find out the exact price, it is recommended to contact a company specialist and clarify the specifics of your trip.

How to obtain insurance?

You can purchase base jumping travel insurance online. To do this, you need to select the appropriate coverage option on the insurance company’s website, fill out the application, and make the payment. The insurance policy will be sent to the specified email address.

Why is base jumping travel insurance necessary?

Insurance protects tourists from potential risks associated with this type of sport. Base jumping travel insurance covers expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and evacuation of the injured in case of an accident.

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