Kickboxing Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip during which you intend to visit a gym or sports club for kickboxing training, or even participate in kickboxing competitions, kickboxing travel insurance will help you feel more protected against potential health problems and injuries.

photo of 2 kickboxers having a training match

Kickboxing is an exciting and contact sport where various injuries are common during intense training or competition. And the cost of medical treatment abroad is not cheap. Medical insurance from a trusted insurance partner, proven over time by thousands of travelers, guarantees timely assistance and full coverage of medical expenses.

Features of Kickboxing Travel Insurance

photo of a kickboxer girl training with a trainer and delivers a powerful left kick to the glove with her left foot

The main description of this insurance product is as follows:

  • This quote is applicable to everyone – it can be used by both males and females, and even children, provided certain requirements are met. Affordable insurance is also a great option for students who love physical activities, sports, and tourism.
  • It doesn’t matter where the injury occurred – whether it was during a tournament, individual training, or group classes, the treatment expenses will be compensated.
  • It can be obtained online, without the need to visit the company’s office. When obtained this way, kickboxing travel insurance is always the cheapest option.

Let’s consider what expenses await kickboxers in their worldwide travels.

Location Average cost for group training Average price for individual training Total cost of equipment
United States $25-40 $60-100 $150-300
Thailand 500-800 THB 1000-1500 THB 3000-6000 THB
United Kingdom £20-30 £50-70 £100-200
Australia $25-40 $60-100 $150-300
Germany €20-30 €50-70 €100-200
Netherlands €20-30 €50-70 €100-200
France €20-30 €50-70 €100-200
Japan ¥2000-3000 ¥5000-8000 ¥12000-24000
Canada $25-40 $60-100 $150-300
Mexico $20-30 $50-70 $100-200
Brazil R$50-80 R$120-200 R$300-600
Ireland €20-30 €50-70 €100-200
Please note! As can be seen in the table above, the equipment for this sport is also expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to have not only liability insurance but also baggage insurance. Travelers’ reviews indicate that kickboxing travel insurance is the right decision.


Can a professional trainer use kickboxing travel insurance?

Yes, of course – both beginners and active athletes, as well as individual or group instructors, can purchase it.

Is it true that ordering online can result in the lowest cost?

This is not always the case, but there is generally such a trend – as online operations minimize costs, prices sometimes decrease. Additionally, on the website, you can always find the latest tariff changes and other relevant information to help secure your holiday.

What injuries does the policy cover?

Kickboxing travel insurance covers all possible injuries – from minor bruises to complex fractures and severe head injuries, within the limits of the maximum insurance coverage.

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