Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance

Bungee jumping travel insurance is an important safety element for travelers engaging in extreme holiday. Over the past years, it gained great popularity worldwide. Despite its widespread appeal, bungee jumping is a risky sport, so it is important to prioritize your safety and get insured.

Types of Bungee Jumping

A man in an orange and gray suit and yellow helmet tied to a bungee cord prepares to bungee jump from the ground in front of a gorgeous view

There are various types of bungee jumping, each with its own characteristics:

  1. Head-first rope: The rope is tied to the feet, and they dive headfirst from a great height until the rope reaches its maximum length.
  2. Water: People, secured by a sturdy cord, jump from a height above water.
  3. Crane: The jumper falls at high speed while holding onto a rope from a tall crane.
  4. Helicopter: A person jumps from a helicopter and descends on a rope. This type of bungee jumping requires the highest level of training and is even dangerous for experienced athletes.

You can experience any of these types in various locations around the world. Let’s explore what the most popular countries offer to tourists:

Type of Bungee Jumping Location Tourist Rating Price Additional Information
Head-first rope Queenstown, New Zealand 4.8/5 $200 – $300 Stunning panoramic views of mountains and lakes
Head-first rope Victoria Falls, Zambia 4.6/5 $150 – $250 Amazing views of waterfalls
Head-first rope Monteverde, Costa Rica 4.1/5 $80 – $120 Rich ecological environment with abundant flora and fauna
Over water Queenstown, New Zealand 4.8/5 $250 – $350 Beautiful lake
Over water Acapulco, Mexico 4.4/5 $100 – $150 Beautiful sandy beaches and warm waters of the Pacific Ocean
Crane Berlin, Germany 4.1/5 $100 – $150 Urban atmosphere and historical landmarks
Crane Macau, China 4.3/5 $150 – $250 Views of the city and skyscrapers
Helicopter Queenstown, New Zealand 4.8/5 $300 – $400 Adrenaline experience with a helicopter jump over mountainous landscape
Helicopter Cape Town, South Africa 4.6/5 $250 – $350 Breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and city skyline
Important! When engaging in bungee jumping, it is essential to follow safety rules, perform equipment checks in advance, and choose only reputable companies offering this activity. Bungee jumping travel insurance provides additional protection for athletes.

Insurance Features

A man bungee jumps above lush green trees

Insurance coverage is an integral part of any travel experience. The best choice for holidays or business trips involving high-altitude is bungee jumping travel insurance.

The cheapest insurance is included in single-trip coverage. Despite its low cost, clients receive life and health insurance, guaranteeing necessary medical assistance in case of emergencies. Multi-trip and annual travel insurance offer higher prices and enhanced coverage, including evacuation of the injured, liability insurance, and more.

Bungee jumping travel insurance can be obtained online. To choose the optimal option, it is recommended to study customer reviews, current prices, and policy coverage.


What does bungee jumping travel insurance include?

Insurance coverage includes medical expenses, hospital evacuation in case of severe injury, life insurance, and compensation for lost or damaged baggage.

What is required to obtain insurance?

To obtain bungee jumping travel insurance, you will need documents confirming your identity and a medical certificate granting permission for engaging in extreme sports if you have any health issues.

Does the insurance cover a high level of difficulty?

The insurance covers all types of bungee jumping. Before getting bungee jumping travel insurance, it is advisable to contact the company’s specialists to clarify the details of your trip.

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