Rugby Travel Insurance

If you or someone in your family is a professional or amateur rugby player and plans to attend rugby competitions abroad, travel insurance for rugby is a crucial requirement to ensure safety during performances in any league, whether it’s youth rugby, beach rugby, or even the Rugby World Cup.

The higher the level of competition, the more dangerous and serious the consequences can be, as the force of contact between opponents increases with skill level. Even a regular rugby practice or an amateur tournament can lead to injuries of varying degrees of severity. And if it happens in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, or similar ones, having travel insurance rugby cover can be a real lifesaver for a 16-year-old athlete, their parents, and anyone involved in this exciting yet potentially risky sport.

Of course, we always hope that nothing will happen. But you can simply look at the injury statistics in any professional rugby team to understand that injuries are an integral part of both the game and the training process.

photo of a rugby match, blue team player holds the ball and red team players try to take it away

By the way, it is important to note that rugby travel insurance can be useful not only for players but also for competition organizers and even spectators. From the administration’s perspective, including liability insurance in the expense list, for example, in case a high-speed ball hits a spectator, would be highly reasonable. And rugby fans can take advantage of the unique service of insuring rugby tickets. Therefore, this insurance for international travelers will be useful to anyone who is passionate about this team sport.

Cost of Renting a Rugby Field in Europe and Worldwide

Below is approximate information on the current cost of renting a rugby pitch around the world.

Country Location Tourist Rating Price per Hour (in local currency)
New Zealand Auckland 4.8/5 NZD 80-150
Christchurch 4.7/5 NZD 70-130
Otago 4.6/5 NZD 60-120
Australia Sydney 4.7/5 AUD 80-150
Melbourne 4.6/5 AUD 70-130
Brisbane 4.5/5 AUD 60-120
South Africa Cape Town 4.7/5 ZAR 800-1500
Durban 4.6/5 ZAR 700-1300
Johannesburg 4.5/5 ZAR 600-1200
England London 4.6/5 GBP 60-120
Manchester 4.5/5 GBP 50-100
Birmingham 4.4/5 GBP 40-80
France Paris 4.5/5 EUR 60-120
Marseille 4.4/5 EUR 50-100
Lyon 4.3/5 EUR 40-90
Important! The data includes only the rental cost itself. All equipment, referees, and other support staff are paid separately if needed. It is strongly recommended to include travel insurance including rugby, in the business plan and budget when organizing international meetings and school sports tours.


What do you recommend for a single trip and multi trips?

If you are planning a one-time trip abroad, the best option would be short-term insurance for the duration of your stay, with a little extra time for unforeseen circumstances. If the trips will be frequent and regular, an annual travel insurance policy would be the optimal choice.

I know that it’s possible to purchase the policy online. Is it official, and does the policy actually work?

Online sales provide all the benefits that the traditional forms of purchasing through offices or insurance agents offer. There is absolutely no need to worry – such rugby travel insurance will soon become more common as it saves time and often money.

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