Football Travel Insurance

If you need football travel insurance, on this page, you will find a lot of useful information and answers to your questions. Whether it’s a children’s football tour, adult competitions, or just a few football training sessions, every participant should be insured in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Even a simple visit to a doctor in tourist-attractive countries can cause significant damage to your budget. And if you need treatment or recovery in a hospital, the expenses can be excessive. So, relying on luck is not advisable, especially when it comes to contact sports.

Cost of Renting a Football Field

A young guy in a black uniform practicing to circle chips during soccer practice with other guys practicing in the background

Prices vary in different countries and cities, sometimes significantly. Here are the current rates if you’re planning to organize or attend an amateur football tournament in one of the most popular destinations:

Country Location Tourist Rating Price per hour (in EUR)
Spain Barcelona 4.7/5 80-150
Madrid 4.6/5 70-130
Valencia 4.4/5 60-120
England London 4.8/5 90-170
Manchester 4.5/5 80-140
Liverpool 4.3/5 65-115
Germany Berlin 4.6/5 60-120
Munich 4.5/5 70-130
Hamburg 4.3/5 60-110
Italy Rome 4.7/5 80-150
Milan 4.6/5 70-130
Florence 4.4/5 60-120

These prices do not include equipment and gear, which are essential for organizing a football club training session or any type of football tournament, whether it’s for kids, youth, or adults.

Important! No matter where you decide to engage in one of the most popular sports, football travel insurance will provide reliable support and guarantee qualified medical assistance.


What types of insurance for competitions during children’s football activities abroad currently exist?

It is possible to individually arrange the service and get football team travel insurance, including the coaching staff. Depending on whether it’s a single trip or multiple trips, you can choose either a one-time policy or annual travel liability insurance.

What types of injuries are covered by the insurance?

Under the traveler’s insurance service, football coverage includes reimbursement of expenses related to any sports-related injuries.

Is online purchase possible?

Yes, of course. Travel insurance to play football can be obtained without visiting an office or meeting an agent. By doing this, you will not only receive a fully functional policy but also get the best price offers.

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