Insurance Claim

What to do in case of an insurance claim abroad?

✔️ Contact us via the feedback form or the phone number on the policy;

✔️ Provide the policy number;

✔️ Send a photo of your passport;

✔️ Describe the situation.

What assistance will you receive?

  • Emergency medical care and taxi (if necessary);
  • Search for a clinic and specialist of the required profile;
  • Payment of medical treatment (transfer of funds to the clinic’s account).

What to do in case of lost luggage?

✔️ Contact the airport Lost and Found service;

✔️ Register the loss of luggage at the desk;

✔️ Receive a PIR report;

✔️ Send a photo of the PIR report via chatbot, messenger, or our email, following the prompts;

✔️ Submit a claim for lost luggage.

What assistance will you receive?

  • In case of lost luggage, you will receive the first 50% of the cash compensation on your bank card within 24 hours. If the luggage is not found within 21 calendar days, the second part of the 50% insurance compensation will be transferred to your card.
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