Volleyball Travel Insurance

Volleyball travel insurance is an important safety attribute for every traveler who engages in volleyball, whether at an amateur or professional level. If your trips are systematic and frequent, an annual travel insurance policy can help reduce the cost per trip.

However, a single trip should never be considered as “non-insurable.” After all, dangers await active individuals everywhere, even on a beach volleyball court. Therefore, it is necessary to have an insurance policy that provides coverage to help you obtain qualified medical assistance without burdening your budget, practically anywhere in the world. The insurance company takes responsibility for this directly.

General Description of Volleyball Travel Insurance

A bald man in white shorts, glasses and tattoos makes a dangerous dive for the ball during a game of beach volleyball

This offering is suitable for volleyball players regardless of gender, maximum age, ball handling skills, or serving ability.

  • Multiple trips by professional athletes and coaching staff are part of their regular daily life, and a one-year insurance policy is the best option for them.
  • Volleyball travel insurance for amateur-level players can also be a single-trip policy, which would be a reasonable investment in their health and safety.
  • This service can be used not only by adult men and women but also by children and teenagers.

Now we invite you to familiarize yourself with the current rates for hourly volleyball sessions in places where it is particularly popular.

Country Location Tourist Rating Price per Hour (local currency)
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 4.8/5 BRL 50-100
São Paulo 4.7/5 BRL 40-90
Florianopolis 4.6/5 BRL 30-80
USA California 4.7/5 $30-70
Florida 4.6/5 $25-60
Hawaii 4.5/5 $20-50
Italy Rome 4.7/5 EUR 25-50
Milan 4.6/5 EUR 20-45
Sicily 4.5/5 EUR 15-40
Note! The price in the table is per hour of volleyball court rental and does not include equipment rental.


What injuries are covered by the policy?

All types of fractures, bruises, and strains that may occur during training and competitions are covered without exception.

Does volleyball insurance abroad cover liability to third parties?

Yes, the comprehensive policy includes coverage for injuries caused to third parties.

Is it possible to apply for insurance online?

Yes, you can obtain volleyball travel insurance online, and it will be valid just like a paper policy issued in an office or by an insurance agent.

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