Policy Payment

This page will help you understand how to correctly arrange travel insurance using our service.

Calculate the cost of the policy using the online calculator, to do this, fill out the form Scrn 1.

travel insurance calculator picture
Scrn 1

Step 1. Select the destination country Scrn 2. You can select the country(ies) from the drop-down list or choose from the options provided Scrn 3.

Step 2. Select the date of your trip Scrn 4, 5.

If you plan to purchase a policy for a year, click on the corresponding field Scrn 6., and select the policy start date.

annual insurance selection checkbox
Scrn 6

Please note! If you are already traveling check the box “Already traveling” Scrn 7.
picture with a checkbox marking the tourist who is already on the trip
Scrn 7

Note! At each step you can read the information in more detail by clicking on the “!” sign Scrn 8.
picture showing how to open an additional service description in the insurance calculator
Scrn 8

Step 3. Select the amount of insurance coverage from the drop-down list of suggested options Scrn 9.

drop-down list with different amounts of insurance coverage in the travel insurance calculator
Scrn 9

Step 4. Select the type of your travel Scrn 10.

drop-down list with types of vacations in travel insurance
Scrn 10

Note! Get more information about the types of recreation by clicking on “More information” Scrn 11.
an item that allows you to read more about different types of travel in the insurance calculator
Scrn 11

Please note! If you have a discount promo code click on the appropriate item and enter the promo code below Scrn 12.
picture with a field for a promotional code for a discount in the travel insurance calculator
Scrn 12

Step 5. Check the filled in details and if everything is correct click on the “Next” button don’t forget to agree to the policy Scrn 13.

continue button in the travel insurance payment form
Scrn 13

Step 6. Fill in the information about the insured person Scrn 14.

picture from the travel insurance form where the tourist's data must be entered
Scrn 14

  • To do this, fill in the first field with the first and last name of Scrn 15;
field with the name and surname of the buyer of travel insurance
Scrn 15

Note! If you missed some field or filled in the data with an error you will see information that will help to correct it, and also the field with an error will be highlighted in red color Scrn 16., if you have entered everything correctly, you will see a green check mark in this field Scrn 17.

  • Fill in the date of birth in the format DD-MM-YYYY Scrn 18;
  • Enter your passport number Scrn 19;
  • Enter your phone number with country code Scrn 20;
  • Enter your e-mail Scrn 21.

Important! Write a valid email, as this is where you will receive your policy!
If you are issuing a policy for more than one person, add each traveler separately by clicking on “Add tourists” and enter the name, surname, date of birth and passport number of each of the additional tourists in the policy Scrn 22,23.

Step 7. verify that the data is correct and click on the “Next” button Scrn 24.

picture of a correctly filled in travel insurance payment form
Scrn 24

Step 8: Select additional coverages to suit your needs Scrn 25. In our example we will select “Alcohol” and “No deductible” on the right side of the screen you will see your policy summary, additional coverages and policy amount. Scrn 26.

Note! If you don’t need additional coverage, don’t choose anything.

Step 9. click the “Pay” button Scrn 27.

button to proceed to payment in the travel insurance payment form
Scrn 27

Step 10. Wait for the payment method to load Scrn 28.

a form with the final amount for travel insurance and fields for entering bank data
Scrn 28
Note! In some cases loading of payment method may not happen instantly, just wait. If this happens you will see the download Scrn 29.
downloading the method of payment in the form of travel insurance
Scrn 29

Step 11. Fill in the details of your bank card from which you will make payment and click “Make payment”. You can buy insurance by any bank card with the payment system mastercard or visa, you can also use the payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Please note! Your bank card must support the internet payment function and your limit for internet payments must be at least equal to the amount of the policy purchase.
Note! If you have any problems at the stage of payment contact us at any convenient number or write to our e-mail info@auras.insure
telephone numbers for contacting our company and arranging travel insurance

Step 12. Go to the email you specified when filling out the data and make sure the policy is in your inbox, if for some reason you don’t see it there, check your spam folder.

Note! If you have not received the policy to your mail, please contact us in any convenient way.
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