Tennis Travel Insurance

Tennis is not only a very beautiful and spectacular sport, but also a high-risk one in terms of injuries. Therefore, tennis travel insurance is no less important for protecting your health than it is for contact team sports. And if a tennis tournament takes place in countries like Australia, Ireland, the UK, and similar ones, the absence of an insurance policy can result in a financial catastrophe with a large bill for treatment and recovery.

A tennis player in white shorts and black T-shirt makes a sharp lunge to kick the ball so that the ground flies from under his sneaker

On the other hand, having tennis travel insurance guarantees coverage for even substantial medical expenses. So, don’t rely on nothing happening and ensure yourself against possible additional costs by obtaining tennis insurance in a timely manner.

Cost of Court Rentals in Tennis Clubs Across Different Countries

A photograph from the back of a man standing on a tennis court during sunset and holding a racket and ball in his hand

Tennis courts are available in numerous cities worldwide. That’s why tennis travel insurance, even for amateur players, will come in handy during business trips or family vacations, as courts can also be rented at resorts.

In the table below, you can find approximate prices for this service in different countries around the world.

Country Location Tourist Rating Price per Hour (in local currency)
France Paris 4.7/5 EUR 20-40
Cannes 4.6/5 EUR 15-35
Nice 4.5/5 EUR 10-30
Italy Rome 4.7/5 EUR 20-40
Milan 4.6/5 EUR 15-35
Florence 4.5/5 EUR 10-30
USA New York 4.7/5 $20-40
Miami 4.6/5 $15-35
Los Angeles 4.5/5 $10-30
United Kingdom London 4.7/5 GBP 15-30
Manchester 4.6/5 GBP 10-25
Birmingham 4.5/5 GBP 8-20
Spain Barcelona 4.7/5 EUR 15-35
Madrid 4.6/5 EUR 10-30
Valencia 4.5/5 EUR 8-25
Australia Sydney 4.8/5 AUD 30-50
Melbourne 4.7/5 AUD 25-45
Brisbane 4.6/5 AUD 20-40
Ireland Dublin 4.6/5 EUR 15-35
Galway 4.5/5 EUR 10-30
Cork 4.4/5 EUR 8-25
Note! The provided data above only includes the price for court rental per hour. If you plan to rent equipment or hire referees for organizing competitions, these expenses should be considered separately.


What types of tennis travel insurance are available?

The cheapest option is a one-time policy. However, it is recommended only if you are certain about a single trip. In case your trip can be multiple or frequent, an annual travel insurance for tennis travelers would be more justified. It will have the lowest cost per trip.

Can you insure only the athletes themselves, or are there other options?

Insurance coverage is also provided for tennis coaches and public liability insurance for organizers. For example, if a spectator gets injured due to an incorrect ball serve.

Is it possible to not purchase tennis travel insurance?

Do not consider such an option at all; it’s not worth it. The best way to save is to have an insurance policy in case of injury. You can buy tennis travel insurance online on our website. In addition to significant time savings, purchasing an annual policy will give you a discount of up to 15%.

Is it possible to insure a tennis racket?

Yes, to some extent. You can choose an insurance package that includes protection for your baggage against losses. However, if you break your racket on the court, tennis travel insurance will not cover that damage.

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