Windsurfing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for windsurfing is recommended for those who are going on a trip and plan to engage in sports activities during their vacation. Windsurfing involves being on open water, which increases the risk of injury and causing harm to others. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health and arrange windsurfing holiday insurance.

Insurance Features

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Windsurfing is a popular extreme form of active recreation that allows you to experience complete freedom of movement and enjoy the beauty of seascapes. Athletes navigate the water by controlling a specially designed windsurfer board with a sail attached to a mast. The main condition for windsurfing is the presence of wind. The stronger the wind, the higher the speed.

Note! If you are a beginner windsurfer under 20 years old, it is recommended to consult a windsurfing instructor. They will help you choose the right equipment, arrange favorable equipment rental, provide safe training conditions, and give advice on insurance. There are also specialized windsurfing schools and centers.

Insurance for windsurfers provides protection in the event of an accident during sports activities. The coverage of the cheapest windsurfing insurance includes compensation for treatment expenses for injuries, liability for damage caused to others, as well as windsurf equipment insurance.

The best windsurfing insurance offers the most comprehensive range of services for athletes who spend a lot of time on the water. In this case, the insurance policy includes additional third party windsurfing insurance and life insurance.

What the Cost of Windsurfing Travel Insurance Depends On

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The cost of travel insurance for windsurfing may vary depending on the coverage and duration chosen. For example, insurance for a single trip will be cheaper than for multiple trips or for a year. Regardless of the country you are traveling to, whether it’s Germany, France, or the United Kingdom, you can arrange an insurance policy online, selecting the optimal package based on your personal needs and budget.

Let’s consider what different countries in Europe offer for windsurfers:

Location Rating by other tourists Price range ($) Best season
Tarifa, Fuerteventura, Spain 4.5 80-200 Year-round
Loutsa, Greece 4.2 100-250 Summer, autumn
Maui, Hawaii, USA 4.8 150-300 Winter, spring
Lake Garda, Italy 4.6 100-250 Spring, summer
Tarifa, Spain 4.4 80-200 Year-round
Cape Town, South Africa 4.7 120-280 Summer, spring
Hvide Sande, Denmark 4.3 80-150 Spring, summer
Marsa Alam, Egypt 4.4 100-200 Autumn, winter
Boracay, Philippines 4.6 80-150 November-May
Fukuro, Japan 4.2 150-250 Spring, autumn

Insurance for windsurfers is a necessity for tourists who travel abroad for sports activities. Before purchasing travel insurance for windsurfing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the coverage, cost, and reviews of the company and its services.


What does travel insurance for windsurfing cover?

Depending on the policy, insurance covers all types of injuries and accidents that may occur during your windsurf holiday. This includes medical expenses, hospitalization, transportation, and emergency assistance.

How much does travel insurance for windsurfing cost?

The price of insurance may vary depending on various factors, including the destination country, age of the tourist, duration of the trip, and more. To find out the cost, it is recommended to contact a specialist from the company or choose a tariff on their website.

Can I get insurance if I have health issues?

People with chronic illnesses may have difficulties obtaining travel insurance for windsurfing. However, our company considers such cases and offers additional coverage.

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