Hunting Travel Insurance

Hunting travel insurance is a contract between an insurance company and a tourist that provides protection against unforeseen expenses in emergency situations. It covers medical expenses related to injuries, loss, or damage to property.

Types of Hunting

Hunting is an ancient activity that has evolved over time into not only a means of obtaining food but also an exciting pastime and a sport. It has many variations, each with its own characteristics, requiring specific skills and equipment.

  • Big Game Hunting. One of the most common types that requires good physical fitness, firearm handling skills, and knowledge of animal behavior. It can involve hunting large animals such as deer, roe deer, bear, or boar, as well as small game like hares, badgers, foxes, and others.
photo of a herd of reindeer getting spooked and running away
  • Bird Hunting. Special equipment is required for bird hunting as it involves capturing birds using specific projectiles and devices. This includes hunting falcons and hawks, ducks, geese, and swans.
photo of a golden retriever making a leap into the water during a hunt in which ducks swim
  • Fishing. It can include both spin fishing and angling or underwater hunting. It requires good preparation and knowledge of the behavior of different fish species.
A fisherman holds a spinning rod in his hands, which is stretched because a fish has caught a close-up photo of spinning rod against the background of greenery and water

Interesting Hunting Locations: Variety of Locations and Game Species

Type of Hunting Location Available Game Species Permits / License Best Season
Small Game Forests Capercaillie, partridge, hare Permit required Autumn, winter
Big Game Mountainous areas Roe deer, boar, deer Permit required Autumn, winter
Trophy Hunting Savannas, steppes, jungles Lion, elephant, rhinoceros License required Year-round
Waterfowl Swampy areas Duck, goose, snipe Permit required Autumn, spring
Predators Deserts, steppes Wolf, fox, coyote Permit required Year-round
  • Small Game: Forests of Sweden, Portuguese forests in Spain.
  • Big Game: The Alps in Europe, the Himalayas in Asia, the Rockies in North America.
  • Trophy Hunting: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe.
  • Waterfowl: Canadian forests, the Mississippi in the United States, Scandinavian lakes.
  • Predators: African savannahs, Australian deserts, Central Asia.
Important! Regardless of the type of hunting, it is important to remember the responsibility towards nature. The activity should be conducted with respect for the environment and in compliance with safety rules.

Hunting Equipment: Recommended Weapons for Various Game Species

Game Species Recommended Weapons
Capercaillie 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Benelli Montefeltro, Beretta A400 Xplor)
Partridge 20 or 28-gauge shotgun (Browning BPS, Remington 870 Express)
Hare 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Remington 870 Wingmaster, Mossberg 500)
Roe Deer .243 caliber rifle (Tikka T3, Remington Model 700)
Boar 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Benelli Super Black Eagle II, Browning A5)
Deer .270, .30-06, or .308 caliber rifle (Tikka T3, Browning X-Bolt)
Lion .300 or .338 caliber rifle (Winchester Model 70, Blaser R8)
Elephant Large caliber .375 or .416 rifle (CZ 550, Sauer 404)
Rhinoceros Large caliber .375 or .416 rifle (CZ 550, Sauer 404)
Duck 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Benelli Super Black Eagle II, Browning A5)
Goose 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Benelli Super Black Eagle II, Browning A5)
Snipe 12 or 20-gauge shotgun (Remington 870 Wingmaster, Mossberg 500)
Wolf .243 or .308 caliber rifle (Tikka T3, Remington Model 700)
Fox .22 or .223 caliber rifle (Ruger 10/22, Remington 700)
Coyote .223 or .243 caliber rifle (Tikka T3, Remington Model 700)

Exciting Hunting: The Importance of Travel Insurance for Safety and Peace of Mind

an English setter lying near a stump with a shotgun, and on it are cartridges for a gun on a hunt

Unforgettable experiences, adrenaline, and the opportunity to feel like a true hunter attract people from all over the world. However, like any other form of outdoor activity, hunting carries the risk of unforeseen situations, such as snake bites or wildlife attacks. Therefore, hunting travel insurance is recommended for any expeditions.

In the wilderness, unexpected situations can arise at any moment. Therefore, in addition to standard medical coverage, hunting safari travel insurance includes the possibility of evacuating the tourist if necessary.

A close-up of a hunter's rifle, who is aiming through a telescopic sight with his rifle against a log

It is also important to protect your equipment, which can be expensive. The best hunting travel insurance provides coverage for personal property.

Much depends on the specific type of hunting. For example, hunting large predatory mammals can be dangerous, so travel insurance for hunting trips should be mandatory. In a critical situation, insurance will allow you to receive quality medical assistance without requiring additional payment from the tourist.

If you are planning to visit the hunter’s valley, insurance can provide coverage for a single trip or multiple trips. There is also annual hunting travel insurance that can be used for trips abroad within 12 months in any season.

photo of a hunter standing on the bank of a body of water and aiming a shotgun at a flying duck

Hunting travel insurance will also cover medical expenses in case of injuries. This is especially important for elderly people or beginners who are prone to injuries or lack experience with firearms. The price depends on several factors, including the duration of the trip, the time of year, and the type of insurance.


How to choose hunting travel insurance?

When choosing insurance, you need to make sure that it meets all your needs and goals. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the cost and reviews from other customers, which will help assess the quality and reliability of the insurance company.

What does the insurance policy for hunting include?

The insurance policy may include the following services: medical expenses, evacuation, search and rescue, recovery of lost or damaged property, legal protection, and much more. It all depends on the type of insurance you choose.

In what cases is hunting travel insurance necessary?

Insurance is necessary whenever you plan a hunting trip, especially beyond your country’s borders. Hunting travel insurance provides protection against unforeseen medical expenses.

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