Basketball Travel Insurance

For many decades, basketball has been recognized as one of the most popular but also somewhat risky sports. That’s why travel insurance for basketball players is an essential requirement for the safety and well-being of both professionals and enthusiasts. This includes situations when it comes to youth basketball with travel abroad.

Having valid insurance coverage will help you receive qualified and prompt medical assistance without getting into a complicated financial situation. A well-known English politician once said

I don’t know anyone bankrupted by insurance, but I know plenty bankrupted by its absence.

And that’s absolutely true.

Expenses for Adult, Youth, and Children’s Amateur Basketball Tournaments in Different Countries

photo of 2 guys in blue and red playing street basketball on a sunny day with palm trees in the background

Below is a table showing prices for renting a basketball court in different countries and cities where children’s basketball activities and organizing basketball training sessions are in high demand.

Country Location Tourist Rating Price per hour (in local currency)
USA New York 4.8/5 $70-120
Los Angeles 4.7/5 $60-110
Chicago 4.6/5 $50-100
Spain Barcelona 4.5/5 50-90 EUR
Madrid 4.4/5 40-80 EUR
Valencia 4.3/5 40-70 EUR
France Paris 4.7/5 50-100 EUR
Marseille 4.5/5 40-80 EUR
Lyon 4.3/5 40-70 EUR
China Beijing 4.6/5 100-200 CNY
Shanghai 4.5/5 80-150 CNY
Guangzhou 4.3/5 70-120 CNY
Please note! These are only expenses for renting the basketball court itself for conducting basketball tournaments or group training sessions for basketball clubs. They do not include expenses for equipment and additional personnel, nor competition insurance.


How can I get the best price for the insurance policy?

We recommend obtaining it online. This will not only save you a lot of time but also allow you to take advantage of various promotions, bonuses, and discounts, and always stay up to date with the latest offers. Additionally, if you know that you have multi trips planned, annual travel insurance is also economically justified.

Is a single trip insurance policy suitable for a children’s basketball tour?

Yes, a single insurance policy works within the framework of a single trip, which can last for one day or multiple days. Keep an eye on updates on the website, and you will always find a favorable option.

What is included in the cost of the service?

Travel insurance for basketball players covers full liability by the insurer and covers expenses related to any sports injuries, their treatment, and rehabilitation.

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