Muay Thai Travel Insurance

Muay Thai travel insurance guarantees the safety of your trip abroad for practicing Thai boxing in gyms of other countries or participating in tournaments.

Muay Thai is one of the most popular forms of martial arts. Thousands of athletes choose training in this discipline every year because of the ability to strike not only with fists but also with shins, knees, and elbows. This sport has gained high popularity among men, women, and children.

Despite all the advantages of Muay Thai, it carries high risks of injuries. Therefore, it is important to take care of your safety in a timely manner and get travel insurance for Thai boxing.

Insurance Features

professional Muay Thai fight photo black shorts fighter delivers a powerful left kick to white shorts fighter

Insurance policies are available for all club members, including students and their instructors. The insurance company quotes affordable packages that cover all customer preferences and requirements. Full coverage includes:

  • Liability cover;
  • Health insurance;
  • Baggage protection;
  • Life insurance.

Let’s consider what various countries around the world offer for individual Muay Thai training and group sessions:

Location Average cost for group training Average cost for individual training Total cost for equipment
Thailand 500-800 THB 1000-1500 THB 3000-6000 THB
United States $25-40 $60-100 $150-300
United Kingdom £15-25 £40-60 £100-200
Australia $25-40 $60-100 $150-300
Germany €20-30 €50-70 €100-200
Netherlands €20-30 €50-70 €90-170
France €20-30 €50-70 €90-200
Japan ¥2000-3000 ¥5000-8000 ¥12000-24000
Canada $25-40 $60-100 $180-320
Mexico $20-30 $50-70 $100-200
Brazil R$50-80 R$120-200 R$300-600
Important! The price of sports equipment is usually very high. To save costs in case of equipment loss, it is recommended to get insurance.

The choice of travel insurance for Muay Thai depends on your needs. For beginners, an affordable policy option at a low cost is recommended, which covers medical treatment in case of injuries. For experienced students, cheap offers are available that provide maximum protection during their holiday. If you are planning a trip with a child or a girlfriend, separate insurance will be required for each of them.

photo of Thai boxing training in the river with trees in the background, the fighter on the left delivers a powerful leg kick

On the insurance company’s website, you can choose the most affordable insurance option for Muay Thai. Use the online calculator to explore current prices and read reviews from other tourists.


Do I need travel insurance if I practice Muay Thai?

Yes, you need it as it will protect you in case of injuries and cover medical expenses.

How much does Muay Thai insurance cost?

The price depends on various factors, including the duration of the trip, the tourist’s age, and the type of coverage. To find out the exact cost, it is recommended to contact a specialist from the company.

What injuries does the policy cover?

Standard travel insurance for Muay Thai covers all types of injuries, including head injuries, dislocations, bruises, limb fractures, etc.

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