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//Hiking in el Montgrí: l'Escala, l'Estartit and Torroella

Hiking in el Montgrí: l'Escala, l'Estartit and Torroella

per person
Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 days
Availability: from 2014-09-10 to 2017-12-31

This package will allow you to go from l'Escala to l'Estartit and climb to Montgrí's castle from Torroella, as well.

You will stay for two nights in el Mas Vermell, a traditional Catalan farmhouse built in the XVII century in Fontanilles and dedicated, generation after generation, to the cultivation of land and the husbandry of livestock.

You will spend the whole Saturday with a guide that will show you the way from l'Escala to l'Estartit. Once you get to l'Estartit promenade, you will head back to l'Escala (the starting point of the route).

On Sunday morning, you will climb to Montgrí's castle but not in a conventional way: you will combine certain aspects of hiking and climbing. Once on top, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of l'Estartit, les Illes Medes and part of the Empordà.

Besides, you will combine this stay with the possibility of doing a great combination of cycling routes while visiting the most representative villages of el Baix Empordà (Ullastret, Peratallada, l'Estartit, Parlavà, Torroella de Montgrí and Palau-Sator among others).

It's a fantastic package to do with your friends or family.

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Vertical trekking to Montgrí's castle

A different way of climbing up to the castle, that combines different sports, techniques and materials.

Activity: Hiking - Half day routes
Place: Torroella de Montgrí
Level: Initiation

Guided walking route from Escala to Estartit

The first part of the route will be done near the coast and the rest through the inside part of el Montgri massif.

Activity: Hiking - Whole day routes
Place: L'Escala
Level: Advanced

Conditions of Hiking in el Montgrí: l'Escala, l'Estartit and Torroella

This package is suitable for six people and it will only be available during the weekend. In total, it lasts 2 days and 2 nights (Friday and Saturday night).

It consists of the following activities:
- A guided route, on foot, between l'Escala and l'Estartit that will be done on Saturday. This activity lasts about six hours and requires a minimum level of fitness.
- A guided climb to Montgrí's castle while combining different climbing and hiking elements.
This activity will be done, preferably, on Sunday morning.
- A one day rental of six touring bikes (included in the price of the package) so you can do any of the cycling routes we suggest you.

The schedule of these activities may change depending on its availability.

If you want to know more about all the extra activities included in this short break, you will find all you need to know on the information boxes above.

1) WHITE APARTMENT - Mas Vermell (Fontanilles)
This apartment is fully equipped for six people.
Two bathrooms available, three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a porch, garden and a common area with barbecue and swimming pool.
It also offers heating, TV, car park, a fireplace, WiFi internet connection, a washing machine and dishwasher, a stereo, a wide garden, air conditioning, bedclothes and bath towels.
Check-in will be done at 16h and check-out at 12h.

All the apartments preserve the typical beauty of the traditional architecture of l'Empordà (stone walls, wooden beams, rustic furniture, a fireplace) combined with the actual facilities (heating system, television, ceramic hob, internet connexion, air conditioning and so on) to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Outside each apartment you will find a comfortable and cozy terrace, with tables and chairs, from where you will be able to enjoy the fantastic views and tranquility of Fontanilles.
There's also a common picnic area with a barbecue, fully equipped.
You will be able to enjoy its outdoor pool, barbecue, garden and private car park.

Besides, the price of this package includes a one day rental of six touring bikes that you can use to do any of the cycling routes you will find or visit other villages around Fontanilles.
We suggest you some of the most varied and interesting ones (for all levels).

Included in the price of the package, you will have at your disposal touring bikes that will let you do all the routes that you want in order to visit the closest villages to Fontanilles.

These are the three routes that we have prepared and suggest you. Even so, you can always change them and visit those villages that you prefer the most.
All the routes are designed so that the start and end point will be the same: the farmhouse.

• The l'Estartit Cycle Circuit (Fontanilles - Torroella - la Gola del Ter - els Griells - el Ter Vell (l'Estartit) - Mas d'en Pi - Molí del Mig - Torroella - Fontanilles).
A 32km long route that it is meant to be done in 3h.
It will take you from Gualta to the mouth of el Ter. Once there, you will head north until you nearly reach l'Estartit. In order to finish, you will head back to Fontanilles while you cross fields of different crops.

• Ullastret Circuit (Fontanilles - Palau-Sator - Ullastret - Fonolleres - Parlavà - Ultramort - Sant Iscle d'Empordà - Serra de Daró - Gualta - Fontanilles).
A 27km or 18km long route, depending wether you want it to be long or short.
This route will make you cross one of the most important sites of the area: the Iberian ruins of Ullastret as well as other small medieval villages. Remeber you can always stop and have something to eat or drink in one of the many restaurants you will fins along the way.
After 10km, once you leave behind Ullastret, you have two options: continue straight to Serra de Daró (short version) or you do an extra loop of nearly 9km passing through the villages of Parlavà, Ultramort and Sant Iscle d'Empordà.

• To les Basses d'en Coll (Fontanilles, Mas Romaguera, Platja de la Gola del Ter, Basses d'en Coll, Mas Gelabert, Fontanilles).
The route has a distance of 24km and the approximate time is 2h30.
You will cross the characteristic paddies of Pals as well as La Gola del Ter beach. If you turn you will reach les Basses d'en Coll and that will be your last point of interest of the route before heading back to Fontanilles.


If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm