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Sportravelling/Holidays/Guided walking route following the course of Fluvià river

Guided walking route following the course of Fluvià river

Level: Advanced

This walking route is perfect for all those people that want to spend real good holidays in the middle of natureIt combines different landscapes: from the leafy forests of La Garrotxa, to the plains, marshlands and beaches of this part of the Costa Brava.

It's a perfect reason to discover from up close all the different sections of river Fluvià, its course, how it affects all the different locations it passes through (from the Fountains of the Fluvià to the Gola, in Gulf of Roses), its characteristics and curiosities.

The entire course of the river has seven different sections. It begins at the Fountains of Fluvià river, its source, and it will be continued on foot through different locations across the region of Girona such as Olot, Castellfollit de la Roca, Besalú, Esponellà and Santa Eulàlia up until to la Gola del Fluvià (Sant Pere Pescador).

This guided holiday includes all meals and the accommodation across the different locations of the route. Being an itinerant holiday, all bags and luggage will be transferred from hotel to hotel daily. You won't need to worry about absolutely nothing. You will only need to focus on enjoying the route, the landscape, the river and your holidays.

This holiday is scheduled so you do each route in the morning, and rest or discover the surroundings on the location where you will rest during the afternoon and the night. In order to make the whole task easier, each day the guides will give you a list of suggestions to discover cultural and natural sites that you could find near the hotel.

1st day) Fonts dels Fluvià - Falgars (The origin of water)

This section of the route has a length of 4,6km and a slope of 200km. The level of difficulty is low.

The main interesting points you will visit during this part of the route, will be the Fountains of the Fluvià river and Coromina's waterfall located near Falgars.

During the afternoon, we recommend you to visit Falgars' church and the remains of Sant Miquel de Castelló castle.

During this first day, you will have lunch through a catering of regional cuisine and will spend the night at La Coromina rural house.

2nd day) Falgars - Olot (Upside down landscape)

This section of the route has a length of 17,7km and a slope of 506km. The level of difficulty is medium.

The main interesting points you will visit during this part of the route will be Hostalets d'en Bas village, the volcanic barrier which originated the actual Vall d'en Bas and the city of Olot.

During the afternoon, we recommend you to visit the Museum of Art and the Museum of Volcanoes, the three different volcanoes you can find located in Olot, its Modernist buildings, Moixina's Aiguamoixos, etc.

During this first day, you will have lunch and supper at La Quinta Justa Restaurant and will spend the night at Borrell Hotel, in Olot.

3rd day) Olot - Castellfollit de la Roca (The powers of Vulcano)

This section of the route has a length of 18,30km and a slope of 160m. The level of difficulty is medium-low.

The main interesting points of this part of the route are, mainly, the exploration of volcanoes and the lava flows that, while interacting with the rivers of the area, have slowly formed the characteristic landscape of la Garrotxa. Another interesting point to mention is Sant Joan les Fonts and its Romanesque monuments, and Castellfollit de la Roca, built atop of successive lava flows.

In the evening, we suggest you take a look at the old quarter of Castellfollit and its church, at the volcanic crag and that you do a little walking route across Toronells' torrent, etc.

During this second day you will stay and have all your meals at Ca la Paula Inn, located in the heart of Castellfollit de la Roca, and active since 1870.

4th day) Castellfollit de la Roca - Besalú (Stone warriors)

This section of the route has a total length of 16km and a slope of 100m. The level of difficulty is medium.

The main attractions of this part are the industrial use that people gave to the water using hydropower plants, and the union of Fluvià river with Llierca river. Don't forget to notice all the erosion that the river has caused through the years.

When it comes to villages, you should visit the castle, church and Romanesque chapel of Argelaguer, and all the medieval part of Besalú, along with its bridge, Jewry, etc.

In the afternoon, we recommend you to visit the Romanesque churches of Sant Pere, Santa María, Sant Vicenç and Sant Martí, the old quarter, the castle and the medieval bridge of Besalú along with its Miqvé.

During this third day of route you will have lunch and dinner at Cal Parent Restaurant, and will stay for the night at Comte Tallaferro Hotel, in the centre of Besalú.

5th day) Besalú - Esponellà (Underground mysteries)

This section has a length of 26,40km and a slope of 120m. Its difficulty level is medium-low.

During this part of the route, it is important to notice all the meadows around Illa de Fluvià (an ideal spot for birdwatching and otters), the medieval village of Serinyà, all the prehistoric settlement of the Caves of Serinyà and the lake of Banyoles.

During this fourth day you will have your meals in Càmping Esponellà and will stay in its bungalows.

In the evening you can do different activities in the same camping, visit the village of Esponellà and its castle, etc.

6th day) Esponellà - Santa Eulàlia (Historic crossings)

This section of the route has a total length of 27,50km and a slope of 111m. The level of difficulty is medium.

During this part, the most important elements to take into account are the river terraces caused by the meadows of Fluvià river, the villages of Vilerts and Orfes, the small town of Bàscara, and the castles and medieval churches that you can find in Romanyà d'Empordà, Vilajoan, Arenys d'Empordà i Palau de Santa Eulàlia.

During the afternoon/evening, we suggest you to visit the Romanesque church of Santa Eulàlia, the church of Sant Esteve and the ruins of the Palace of the Archdeacons, that you visit the village of Sant Mori, etc.

During this fifth day, you will have lunch and dinner with Cuina 22, and will spend the night at Mas Llorenç (a country house built in the XIX century next to the river Fluvià).

7th day) Santa Eulàlia - Gola del Fluvià (The ghost coast)

This section has a total length of 18,50km and a slope of 30m. The level of difficulty is low.

Along this last part of the route, you should notice the Roman remains in Sant Miquel de Fluvià, the old meadows of river Fluvià, the village of Sant Pere Pescador and Caramany Island, navigable part of the river that will be done on a kayak and, obviously, the beautiful landscapes of Gola del Fluvià and Golf de Roses in general.

During this sixth day you will have lunch at Mesón del Conde Restaurant, in Sant Martí d'Empúries.

¿What does this route include?

- A guide that will show you the path to follow at all times

- Up-to-date advice about the best route (depending on environmental conditions)

- Possibility of choosing different itinerary options

- Discovery of the most unknown and hidden places of the region

- You will follow the closest itinerary to the river, so you can enjoy to the fullest river Fluvià

- Documentation and information about the daily route (all the different natural areas, and the most interesting and amazing buildings and locations)

- The accommodation during the seven days of the route (specially selected by their location near the river and the quality of its service) as well as the breakfasts, lunches and dinners. So, accommodation for 6 nights and meals for 7 days: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a second breakfast in route

- Visit to Juvinyà's castle (Sant Joan les Fonts), Besalú's Micvé, the Caves of Serinyà and the paintings of Sant Tomàs de Fluvià (Torroella de Fluvià)

- Kayaking route along Fluvià's Island area (Sant Pere Pescador)

Besides, the price of this route also includes:

- accident insurance

- collecting the customers the first day of the route, transfer them to the first section of the route and the return the last day of the activity

- daily luggage transfer: customers will only have to carry all the things they find necessary as hand luggage during the route

- an exclusive gift

All daily routes are programmed to be done only during the morning. The afternoon and evening will always be left free.

This route is usually done from Sunday to Saturday, but it can be adapted to match de availability of each customer.

As it is an activity done in the middle of nature, it is important to follow certain advices and recommendations. Sportravelling suggests you to:

- Wear proper shoes for trekking or hiking and proper for water sports (you will have to cross the river in some points) and, specially, comfortable and varied clothes (clothes that can adapt to the changes in temperature and weather characteristics of the area)

- Bring enough water with you to hydrate yourselves during the route

Ascent of the Bassegoda from Albanya

You will get to the top of el Bassegoda from Albanya's slope always with the help of a certified mountain guide.

Activity: Hiking - Whole day routes
Place: Albanyà
Level: Advanced
per person
per person

Ascend to Els Àngels from Girona's cathedral

You will have the opportunity of discovering a hidden part of Girona while a guide takes you to the sanctuary.

Activity: Hiking - Whole day routes
Place: Girona
Level: Advanced
per person
per person


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