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//Hiking along the the road of exil - Aragonese Pyrenees

Hiking along the the road of exil - Aragonese Pyrenees

per person
Level: Advanced
Duration: One day
Availability: from 2019-04-23 to 2024-12-31

Hiking along the road of exil

Sportravelling proposes you to walk trough the road of exil made by thousand of people during the civil war. Indeed, more than 4,000 civilians and 7,000 republican soldiers crossed the frontiers during the Spanish civil war.

With our guide, you will cross the historical passage from the old port to the French side of the Bielsa tunnel.

You will observe the most beautiful landscapes of high moutains and visit the National Park of the Pyrenees in France. Once passed the Bielsa tunnel, you will walk through the moutain pass of Puerto Viejo until arrive in France and the Barroude Valley where you will take the bus.

Come and discover a part of the history of the exil during the Spanish civil war

Conditions of Hiking along the the road of exil - Aragonese Pyrenees

Available all year long

Duration : 6-7 hours

Activity made for people who are used to hiking in the moutains

Included in the price

  • autobus to the meeting point

  • moutain guide

  • civil liability and accident insurance

We recommend you to bring:

  • confortable clothes

  • sport or hikking shoes

  • water and food

  • sun protection


If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm