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//Water canyoning in the Ordesa Natural Park

Water canyoning in the Ordesa Natural Park

per person
Level: Initiation
Duration: One day
Availability: from 2019-04-10 to 2024-12-31

Unforgetable water canyoning experience in the Ordesa Natural Park

We propose a unique activity that icludes toboggans, jumps, waterfalls… an endless series of obstacles to reach the heart of the rivers.

The Ordesa Natural Park is one of the best place to enjoy canyoning. The Pyrenees allow to make this activity all along the year.

This activity can be very playful or technical according the level of difficutly you choose. With the help of our guide you will be given all the additional informations about the fauna and the flora near the ravines.

We rank the canyons according to their difficulty levels. There are 3 different levels :

  • Level 1 - Initiation (€55)

  • Level 2 - Advanced (€70)

  • Level 3 - Experts (€75)

But what really makes things difficult is the water flowing down the canyons.

The groups are only composed from 4 to 6 people, so that we have no waiting time and the guide can drive you quickly and safely trhough the canyons making this experience incredible.

Conditions of Water canyoning in the Ordesa Natural Park

The price includes:

  • Technical material

  • Certfied guide

  • Transport (according to the size of the group)

  • Accident insurance and civil liability insurances

This activity is available all along the year. Each season offers its own descents that can be done only at this moment.

There is no age restriction but children should be at least 1.35m to be part of this activity.



If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm