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//Coastal path walk from la Fosca to Calella de Palafrugell

Coastal path walk from la Fosca to Calella de Palafrugell

per person
Level: Initiation
Duration: One day
Availability: from 2017-01-01 to 2022-12-31

This walking route follows the coastal path from Palamos to Calella.
You will pass through all the different coves that you can find between these two villages such as s'Alguer cove, cove Castell and cove Estreta, des Vedell and the nearest coves to Calella.

If you do this route during summer, you can always combine it with several baths in the sea.

During the whole walking route you will be accompanied by a guide that will show you the way along the coastal path and make even more enjoyable this activity.

The meeting point with the guide will be at la Fosca beach (this point will also show the start and end point of the route).

The showed price corresponds to two people doing this walking route. Don't forget to have a look to the supplement section as there you will find great discounts if you are a group.

Conditions of Coastal path walk from la Fosca to Calella de Palafrugell

This walking route takes about 4h, approximately, and it's considered easy. If you are thinking on doing this seaside walk with kids, there's no problem (coastal paths are suitable for all).

This activity is available all year long.

We recommend you to bring comfortable and sport clothes as well as all the water and food that you think you may need.

If you do this walking route during summer, don't forget to bring sunscreen and a cap, a swimsuit and a towel as well.


If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm