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//Canyoning in the Riera de Osor - Guilleries

Canyoning in the Riera de Osor - Guilleries

per person
Level: Initiation
Duration: One day
Availability: from 2019-08-13 to 2022-08-20

Descent of the cliff of the Riera de Osor

The Riera de Osor is a tributary of the Ter River that forms in the mountains of the Guilleries and passes through the towns of Osor and Anglés in the region of La Selva.

The ravine is aquatic and its surroundings are a natural space with abundant vegetation and fauna.

The activity is ideal for beginners, as it is an entertaining and easy ravine. Along the route of the descent, you will find different areas where you can practice rappel from different heights or refresh yourself by jumping to the pools of the stream. The route also includes a slide.

Take advantage and reserve this descent in the Osor cliff!


Conditions of Canyoning in the Riera de Osor - Guilleries

The price of the activity is for groups of 4-10 people. Possibility of smaller and higher groups at different prices.

Arrival: 8:30

Finalization: between 12:30 and 13:00

Difficulty: initiation level.

Minimum age: 8 years.

The price includes:

  • Guide

  • Necessary material (includes neoprene)

  • Accident insurance

We recommend carrying:

  • Swimsuit

  • Sports shoes

  • Replacement clothing

  • Water


If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm