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//Kayak trip from Tamariu to the north

Kayak trip from Tamariu to the north

per person
Level: Initiation
Duration: One day
Availability: from 2019-05-01 to 2019-10-15

From Tamariu's beach we offer you a three hour round kayak trip that will allow you to reach Gispert's Cave. This cave, more than 150 m deep, is the biggest and most spectacular cave of the whole Costa Brava.

Throughout the whole trip you will be able to watch a captivating and wonderful coast, highly representative of la Costa Brava.

The most interesting sights of the whole trip and that you will be able to see are:

  1. Aigua Xèlida

  2. Llarga Cove

  3. Ventosa Cove

  4. Marquesa Cove

  5. Bisbe Cave

  6. Gispert's Cave

Conditions of Kayak trip from Tamariu to the north

You must know how to swim in order to do this activity. Also, you must be over 13 years old or 145cm height (underaged children will have to be accompanied by a responsible person).

In order to confirm that the activity can be done, a minimum group of 8 people (already arranged) is needed during low season (from October to May) and of 6 during high season (from June to September). The maximum number of people in both cases is 12.

The price of this activity includes two certified guides, a support boat that will follow the kayaks, sea kayaks (closed and individuals), the oars, the life vests and security helmets. A basic explanation of the rowing technique will be done before the beginning of the activity so that everybody is able to finish the trip without difficulties.

This activity might be done in the morning or afternoon

from 9 to 13h and 15 to 19 h

You will depart from Tamariu beach and it's a round trip. This activity takes half a day (3h). Its difficulty is low and it is perfectly suited for unexperienced people. 5.4km are sailed (2.9 nautical miles).

We recommend you to bring:

  • Swimsuit, sun screen and a cap (during summer)

  • T-shirt and appropiate footwear for water sports

  • Sun glasses

  • Some drinks to keep you hydrated and something light to eat (optional)


If you have any questions, contact with us and we will answer all of them
Telephone: (+34) 972 18 32 46 / (+34) 639 45 72 46
Timetable: from 9 am to 7 pm